Let the life begin!

9 04 2008

Asheville, NC

At least I hope this is a beginning of a new life. It’s a new kind of life anyway. One without a steady home or paycheck. One without constancy or security. One without closets of clothes, our own cars, or reliable means of communication. But by giving up all of that, we hope to get a life without boredom, monotony, or lack of appreciation for all that we have. As well as a respect and understanding for the cultures that make up this world and inevitably and surreptitiously effect our every day lives. It will not always be comfortable and it will not always be enjoyable, but if I can end it all saying I have learned a lot, changed a lot, and understand more than I ever thought possible, then it will be worth all of the effort and energy we can give. That’s the general goal anyway.
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So today we begin our attempt to go off and travel as much of the globe as our bodies, bank accounts, and border guards will allow. Before we cross any large stretches of water though, we have a few stops to make along the way. First to cross off the list, getting married. We decided a few weeks ago that traveling as a married couple may have its perks, like conservative cultures not frowning on our blatant sin-living. A few internet searches and shocked relatives later, we settled on an elopement package at the Mount Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn in Eureka Springs, AR. So that’s where we’re headed now, with a few stops along the way.

To all of you whom we did not get to say goodbye to before leaving Charlotte, NC, we apologize. It turns out that having 25 days to sell and donate everything you own and move out of your home is a rather short period of time and put a bit of a cramp on the social calendar. We still love all of you and want to stay in touch. Feel free to post any comments and let us know how you’re doing when you can. We already miss you.




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10 04 2008

Gage-make sure you document design along the way. Good luck on Monday!

10 04 2008
Quay Hunter

Congratulations! Y’all Rock. Best of luck on the adventures, you are living the life the rest of dream about. To use a 70’s term…RIGHT ON!

10 04 2008

I miss ya’ll, everytime I pass by your apartment which I have done a couple times on my way to something, I think of you guys and I try and look to see if your cars are there but I can’t really see into the parking lot anyway. It was my fault to not come and see you, its been a long time. I just wanted to let you know that both of you have left a clear image of yourselves somewhere in my brain because you are both very wonderful people. So I don’t mind not seeing you because really, I can see you. I hope to follow in your footsteps one day in one way or another. You are great role models, to me at least. Have a great adventure and I wish the very best for you. What else do I say, well.

Life is good, catch ya on the flip side

Pablo The Chilean Wonder

10 04 2008
Chris Burd

May you have wonderful surprises and delightful adventures on your journey!

11 04 2008
Jen K

Way to go guys! Best of luck to you, and I look forward to reading about your wonderful adventures. It will give me something to dream about while waiting in the carpool line!! HA HA. WHo am I kidding, I love my car pools! Anyway, I am real happy for you, congrats on the wedding, and best wishes to you both as you begin this new chapter of your lives!

11 04 2008

Jen! I’m so glad you have this blog, I love it and love being able to “keep tabs” on my favorite manager ever! 🙂 Good luck with everything, keep kicking ass and taking names for me.

13 04 2008

Jen – As I have told you before, you are such an inspiration! I cannot express how excited I am for you guys and how your spirit has caused me to look at things a little more casually! I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and don’t be suprised if you see me out there somewhere along the way!

BTW, Becca – Busted!

22 05 2008

Steeewwwwwie! I am sorry that I’ve gotten so bad about staying in touch! I’m just now getting the chance to see how your story unfolds. I thought that I was a pretty ballsy chick but, you’ve clearly got me beat!! Love you lots! I’ll be keeping up to see what happens next. Oh and btw, NUBBBBBBINS!!!!

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