Visiting the Villes

10 04 2008

Knoxville, TN

Yesterday we woke up in lovely Asheville, NC and did a little shopping. While at Diamond Brand Outdoors (a rocking store if you need anything outdoor related) Gage came up to me and said that he was having trouble suppressing his anxiety. He said that as he looked around he kept having this overwhelming feeling that he was shopping too long and had to get out of the store so that he could get back to work before his lunch break was over. Gage has been out of work for 20 days now. This is why Europeans take month long vacations and live to 100 while Americans take a three day weekend and have heart attacks at the age of 40.

Tennessee Border

After buying me a backpack (Osprey’s Kestrel 38 in Lichen Green) and other miscellaneous stuff, we then headed on to Morrisville, TN to visit our buddies Kelly and Matt. We had a fantastic time as we always do with those two. Kelly made me a couple of rocking mixed CD’s for the road and gave us some chocolate which made for a lovely breakfast this morning. We stayed way too late and Matt went to sleep before we remembered that we had a camera, hence the shot of only Kelly and me. Thanks Kelly and Matt for dinner and for teaching us about cow tongue tacos!

Kelly, Me and Boga

On to Nashville…




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