Under the Weather

11 04 2008

Nashville, TN

I’m sitting in my hotel lobby right now because check out was at noon but there’s a killer storm raging outside. One of the wonderful benefits to making your own schedule is that you don’t have to brave a storm in order to hit your next deadline.

Nashville Weather Map

Yesterday we left Knoxville at the early hour of noon and headed out to Nashville. We decided to do the touristy thing and hit up Broadway and 2nd Avenue to see some of the clubs and get some Barbecue. There is a good possibility that Nashville is rivaling Las Vegas for the number of tourists that wander its streets. I think there were ten fanny-pack-wearing tourists for every native we saw. Luckily Nashville natives don’t let all of the out-of-towners put them in a bad mood. I didn’t hear any horn honking even when people were ambling across the street during a green light. Even the pan handlers were funny. Some old dude with a guitar looked up at Gage and said, “Sorry I’m not playing, but if you give me a fifty I might start.”

All of you designers will be happy to hear that we did stop into Hatch Show Print where they still make posters the old letterpress way. It was a weird experience. You basically walk into a working print shop that has a little retail section in the front and if you want to buy something, someone will ring you up when they get done carving a plate or designing an image. Gage basically stared at the rocking posters on the walk until his neck gave out.

Hatch Show Print

Well the sky is showing signs of sunshine, so it’s time to get in the car and head to Memphis, TN. See you soon Wesley!




2 responses

11 04 2008

I have yet to live/visit a city where the music scene was as strong as Nashville’s… LA was close, but LA sucks. I’m glad you enjoyed my college town… you will probably not say the same thing once you write about my hometown… you’ll be thankful you escaped w/o being mugged. Although the blues and BarBQ in Memphis are as good as anywhere around…

12 04 2008

How ironic is it that Hatch Show Print is essentially a guardian of the old-school of graphics and yet you can go on their web site and take a 360 degree tour of their shop?!

I’m wondering if Gage saw the whole enterprise as some back-to-basics / pure-form that he’d love to be a part of or was thanking deities like Steven Wozniak and Bill Gates for computers and programs.

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