Walking in Memphis

12 04 2008

Memphis, TN

Garrett, you were wrong. Memphis was amazing. Of course I have to give major credit to my friend Wesley and his two mustached cohorts, Corey and Mike. We met them for dinner at Interstate Barbecue for a delicious meal. Gage got the traditional ribs and I had the more experimental BBQ Spaghetti Plate. One rule of the road: always order the item on the menu that you can’t get anywhere else. The only thing that disappointed me was that we didn’t go back for breakfast the next day.

From there it was on to The Flying Saucer to help Wesley achieve beer fame glory. As some of you may know, The Flying Saucer has some eleventy billion beers and you get a personalized plate hung up in the restaurant if you can drink some obscene amount of them (and pay for them). I can only assume that this franchise was invented by a marketing genius. We played some rather competitive games of darts in which Wesley spent the majority of the time heckling the other team while I lectured Mike for being “very un-dude”

Darts at The Flying Saucer

The crowning jewel of the evening, though, was Wild Bill’s juke joint; a true hole-in-the-wall dive that is a blast to get into if you can brave getting into the front door. Once inside you see nothing but a long room with three rows of tables set up family-reunion-picnic style with a teeny area up by the front door cleared out for the band and the inevitable dancers. Oh and they only take cash and only serve 40’s and ‘champagne’. It’s the kind of place, as Mike said, that gives you hope for the future. You have a weird mix of repressed white people, club dancing girls, college kids, and older men in amazing pimp suits, and everyone is dancing together. To quote Mike, ‘You know it’s a good suit when you can say, ‘I want that couch.'” There was even a questionable woman sitting behind me who slowly became unclothed as the evening went on. And yes, those are thigh-high leather boots paired with a red leather mini.

Wild Bill Hooker

“‘Tell me are you a Christian child?’
And I said ‘Ma’am I am tonight.'”




5 responses

12 04 2008

Oh Jen, we know that you were joining that lovely lady just moments after this picture was taken. Have no shame – just put the picture up for the rest of us to point and laugh. đŸ™‚

13 04 2008

Actually I did dance next to her at one point, though I couldn’t really say that I danced with her since she was completely bent over in front of some old white guy for the majority of the song. The guy she was dancing with did complement my moves afterward. Quite flattering considering her moves grabbed most everyone’s attention:)

13 04 2008

Jen and Gage,

For future reference, when you go to a bar where the staff takes off their clothes… It’s a brothel or a strip club.

Just thought you might want to know.

13 04 2008

I am loving reading these blogs of yours. I almost feel like I am experiencing these things with you and am jealous that I’m actually just sitting on my patoot in my computer chair. Good luck on the rest of your trip darlings and I will be reading and keeping up best I can! Oh, and since today is April 13th – Congrats on your marriage tomorrow!

16 04 2008
Garrett Bryant

i claim that you got the whirlwind tour… of course Memphis is good in small doses… and always rich. Very rich indeed.

try living there…

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