Little Rocking

13 04 2008

Little Rock, AR

I have to say that I didn’t expect much from Little Rock. Perhaps that’s why we were so impressed with it. Driving into town I heard an advertisement on the radio for Sync magazine which had an article on the best tamales in town. Now it turns out that the residents of Little Rock are slightly obsessed with tamales, which I can understand because I am, too. Tamales are served in basically every restaurant in town. In other words, you can order a side of tamales with your steak, your spaghetti, or your Indian curry. So we found the magazine, read the article, and headed to Doe’s Eat Place. We knew it was going to be delicious because it was located in the ghetto, bordered by homeless people, and looked like a building specifically made for nefarious activities. And these were some nefariously wonderful tamales, served with a side of chili, and enough saturated fat to drop Lance Armstrong.

Doe\'s Eat Place tamales

After rolling out of there we drove through the river market along Markham Street. The city was pretty hopping with people walking through the streets and great music streaming out of the clubs. We decided that we’d have to go back some time when we had more time (and maybe eat healthier next time). At the end of Markham was the William Jefferson Clinton Library. I wanted to go inside but as we pulled up we noticed a bunch of well dressed people. After getting out of our car and walking toward the library we realized that these well dressed folks were kids and that we were crashing prom. If you blow up the pic, you can see the kids in tuxes in the background and my funny face because I can’t stop laughing.

Bill Clinton Library

We just checked into our bed & breakfast in Eureka Springs, AR and so far we are really, really impressed. This town is beyond cute. I don’t know if pictures will be able to convey the cuteness of this place. It’s almost overwhelming driving through it and checking out all of the adorable little shops, restaurants and galleries. Fluffy baby animals cuddling with giggling infants couldn’t compare to the cuteness of this place. We’re really happy with our B&B and this (did I mention it’s cute?) town. Don’t expect a post tomorrow as we’ll be busy getting married, but we’ll send an update with pictures soon afterwards. Wish us luck!




7 responses

14 04 2008

“Don’t expect a post tomorrow as we’ll busy getting married, but we’ll send an update with pictures soon afterwards.”

Please only post pics of the “getting married” part and leave out the “busy getting” part.

Congrats! Miss ya!

14 04 2008

Just reassure me that you didn’t eat quite all of that food in front of you in the picture in Doe’s Eat Place.

So much for dieting before the wedding.

14 04 2008

Good Luck tomorrow, I can’t wait to see some pics of your ……. da da da….. wedding day.

14 04 2008
shannon bone

You kids seem so at peace with life. Keep up the good energy. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow.
Love the updates!

14 04 2008

congratulations! hope you had a beautiful wedding day.

miss you guys lots.

14 04 2008

Hey looks like you guys are having fun, just hope you enjoyed your day today. Congrats on getting married Mrs. Mitchell lol. Talk to you later.

15 04 2008

Hey guys, hope the wedding went well! I love you…be safe on the rest of your journey.


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