Sealed the Deal

15 04 2008

Eureka Springs, AR

Sorry it took a while to post this but we decided to be a little selfish and enjoy our day after. When we got into the Mount Victoria B&B in Eureka Springs on the 13th we decided to go and grab some delicious pizza from Sonny’s, a local hotspot, known for it’s fresh ingredients and great pizzas. There we met David Lee, our server, a local healer, and an all-around cool guy. He was pretty excited to hear all about what we were doing. So excited that he blessed both of us and gave us the ring off his finger which he said we should keep with us to keep us safe. We go for pizza and we get blessed and a ring complete with gigantic hugs as if we were best friends for years. He said that we made him break his rule, which is that he doesn’t like people. Good rule.

David Lee at Sonny\'s

The next morning we woke up early to get ready before breakfast at 9am. I attempted not to drown in our gigantic bathtub. It’s almost unethical to fill the thing all the way up since I think we’d have to use the entire local reservoir to do so. This tub should come with one of those pool signs that says, “Use at your own risk. No diving head first.” See if you can find me.


For breakfast, Chris made this ridiculously good breakfast pastry. It was basically an omlette wrapped in pastry with a side of potatoes au gratin (like that was necessary) and pineapple so fresh that it hurt to eat it. He even made a special one for Gage without eggs.

Breakfast 1

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting my hair done at the salon down the street and then wandering around town until the ceremony. At 4 o’clock sharp Gage and I were dressed, downstairs, and shaking hands with the minister. Since it was about 53 degrees out, I did a couple of laps around the lawn to warm up. Then we walked to the center of the lawn and started the formalities. I have to say that it was a blast, not what we expected, but exactly what we wanted. We wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks to everyone for all of their support and love. We miss you all, but you were all there in spirit.

More pictures to come…

Our Wedding




12 responses

16 04 2008

Congratulations! glad to hear you had a beautiful day… can’t wait to see more pics!!!

an omlette wrapped in pastry? that is just crazy.

random Charlotte update… the Sagmeister event officially Sold Out tonight with 150 attendees. a record-breaker for AIGA Charlotte event attendance. :o)

16 04 2008
Garrett Bryant

oh wow! ya’ll look great!

16 04 2008

You two certainly make a good-looking couple. I couldn’t be happier for you.

By any chance did anyone get a video of you jogging in your wedding dress? My recollection is that wedding-dress jogging is not usually part of the traditional ceremony.

16 04 2008
Jen K

Congratulations, you look so happy and beautiful, both of you!! Miss you!

16 04 2008

Hey congrats again, you two look so good in that picture. Arkansas sounds really cool maybe I will have to visit Little Rock. Enjoy the drive up to New York!!

17 04 2008

now who could ask for a better wedding day than that! congrats you two.

17 04 2008

Congratulations, what a cute couple. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures so far. You will be in my prayers. Miss you. Love to the redheaded stepchild and his new bride. “You know you always were the favorite”
From the Mother of Paperwork

17 04 2008
Emily Weakland

Hey Gage, this is your little cousin Emily speaking on behalf of my family (Matt, Mason, and Quinn). We’re so happy for you guys. Way to live your dreams fearlessly. I’m so happy you two have found your own path to travel on together… may it be a long, exciting and unexpected one. Tons of hugs and kisses to your both, especially some slobbery ones from Mason 🙂

18 04 2008

Nice jacket!

19 04 2008

Congrats! I can’t believe it…Donkey Poo is all grown up. Love you both!

30 04 2008


22 05 2008

Aww, you look beautiful! I am so happy for you two. Hugs to you both!

I’m a little jealous that you get to all of this cool food though…

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