20 04 2008

Chicago, IL

Sorry to all of our fans, but it appears that our current hotel does not offer us free internet access, and being the cheap little travelers that we are, we are now using the free internet service offered by the lovely Caribou Coffee. Unfortunately this also means that I only have an hour, so I’m going to give the short and sweet version. Ready, set….

Just want to give a shout out to Mount Victoria, our home in Eureka Springs. In my last blog I talked a lot about the utter radness of Eureka Springs, but I didn’t expound upon the virtues of Chris and Lisa. First of all, Chris is quite possibly the best chef I have every had the honor of being served by. You’ve already seen the breakfast pastry monstrosity, but you must also bear witness to French toast made of fresh baked bread and drowned in a sweet orange syrup, with a side of gratuitous bacon. This was followed up the next day by German apple pancakes with a side of fried ham, fresh fruit and granola parfait. Oh, and we also got a chocolate decadence platter with persecco for our honeymoon, just in case our hearts were still functioning.

French Toast German Apple Pancakes Chocolate Decadence

Even better than the food, though, was the hospitality. Lisa was constantly asking if we needed anything and she truly was willing to help us out. When Gage mentioned that we could use some clean clothes, they gladly offered up their washer and dryer, despite having a whole B&B’s worth of laundry to do. Thank you both for making our wedding and honeymoon a wonderful event. For more pictures from Eureka Springs, click here.

One of the benefits of staying at Mount Victoria was that we met a great couple named Clint and Jennifer from Saint Louis. Since that was our next stop, they recommended that we stop by the Schlafly’s Brewery. It’s as though the beer gods were smiling upon Gage. The brewery was our first stop after checking into the hotel. Gage got a sampler of all of their beers as well as some lovely beer cheese soup to go with it. Happy Gage.


The next day was time to go up in the arch. Ever since my second grade project on Saint Louis, I’ve had a fascination with the dang thing. So we braved some nasty rainy weather, bought some tickets and went into their underground layer. To get up to the top they load four people into these little space pod things that work like a ferris wheel to keep you from tipping over by the time you reach the top. It has a lovely vertigo effect. Once we got to the top we were pleased to see that the nasty weather did not diminish the view. I have finally conquered the arch and may now leave the US happy. One word to anyone wanting to visit St Louis, though, rent an SUV. Worst roads we’ve ever seen. For more pictures from St. Louis, click here.

Space pod St Louis Arch Shot

So then it was on to Chicago. Big thanks to Rhon-dizzle and Big Mike for the guide to Chicagoland. Don’t know what we would have done without it. Gage and I have always thought that Chicago would be a great place to live and now we’re convinced of it. I might even have to go as far as to say that I like it better than NYC. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that mom will disown me. Our first stop was to go to Lou Malnati’s for Chicago style pizza. Two things that surprised me, 1) it was beyond delicious, 2) it tasted just like my buddy Tim Walsh’s pizza. If I ever start a restaurant I’m stealing Tim Walsh and Chris from Eureka Springs. I’ll make millions.

Saturday morning we headed into downtown to check it out. And when I say check it out, I’m not talking drive around and look at the sights. No, no, my friends, if you want to check out a city you have to walk. We tromped through 64 city blocks. I counted. It was so worth it. First we went to Millenium Park to check out the Frank Gehry music pavilion. Stunning. Next it was on to get Gage a Chicago dog at Portillo’s. After that it was a long haul through the ghetto then into yuppie-ville to get a sampler of beers from Goose Island Brewery. And by sampler I mean enough beer to make you a little in need of solid food.

Millenium park Portillo\'s Goose island

All in all I’d have to say that Little Rock was surprisingly cool. St Louis was very pretty. But Chicago was amazing. Maybe it’s not so charming if you spend more than 24 hours there (Brooker, you can set me straight if necessary), but we loved everything about it. We’ll be back.


For more pictures from Chicago, click here.




2 responses

21 04 2008

Jen, you really should look into doing this travel writing professionally. It’s fun, interesting and informative, even when you do it with a time limit.

Gage, those pictures of your various beer-samplers vaguely remind me of beer-samplers I enjoyed way back in my youth; except I’m pretty sure that all the samples were the same kind of beer.

21 04 2008

quick tip for the caribou wifi. (since i have been doing it for like 2 years now) register a bunch of emails and you won’t have to get the little access cards that entice you to buy more stuff.

oh yeah, regular coffee yields free refills. guess the trivia and get 10 cents off. haha and TO-GO mugs are 10 more cents off and nice to the enviroment.

you guys look so great, cathy and I will enjoy reading all your exploits foreign and domestic.

have fun and to hell with money…… (its the devil)

da farnham’s

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