Traversing Michigan

24 04 2008

Traverse City, MI

This morning we left Traverse City after three days and two nights with my brother Jeff and his fiance, Tate. I have to say that Traverse City was a surprise. Michigan has such a stereotype as being a sort of industrial Detroit-esque state that it shocked me to see how beautiful it could be. Picturesque lakes with crystal blue water, bordered by wineries and an adorable historic downtown. Doesn’t get much more idyllic. Of course we did arrive only two weeks after all of the snow had melted away, so that helped. In fact the weather was perfect.

Grand Traverse Bay

Jeff, Gage and I spent Monday running around the upper Michigan lakes and surrounding cities. A cool sales guy we met at REI told Gage that we had to climb Sleeping Bear Dunes, so the three of us conquered the mighty sand hills. And by conquer I mean Jeff and I gasped four letter words as our glutes produced enough lactic acid to melt our pelvic bones, all while watching Gage “More Hyper Than A Squirrel on Steroids” Mitchell bound past us. Stewarts are made for sea level. The upside was that the dunes make it look like we were on the set of Star Wars and also provided a great view of Big Glen Lake.

Star Wars Gage Conquers Big Glen lake

Gage and I spent the next day, on recommendation of Jeff and Tate, visiting the wineries along Old Mission Peninsula. For anyone who likes fruity wines like Reisling and Gewertzaminer, Old Mission Peninsula wineries are a gift from heaven. They certainly were for me. Of course I don’t drink very often, so by the third tasting room they could have been giving me tap water with a squeeze of lemon and I would have been commenting on the overtones of pear with the crisp floral finish. Below is winery four, Chateau Chantal.

Chateau Chantal Winery

That evening we went out to The Boathouse for a rocking celebration dinner. Should anyone visit this page after Googling The Boathouse, may I just suggest that you call ahead and make sure that Megan is your waiter? The food alone would make me want to go back, but Megan really made the meal. I think she was more excited about our entrees than we were. Between the great food, the great service, the awesome view, the gorgeous sunset, and the great company, it was a perfect end to an all-too-short visit. Thanks Jeff and Tate for showing us your city. We miss you already.

The Boathouse Dinner

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For more pictures from Traverse City, click here.




2 responses

25 04 2008

Gage on top of the dune with the staff, “Why are those waters in the lake not parting?”

30 04 2008

Aw. You went to Michigan! I hope you thought about me the WHOLE time. 🙂 I love Traverse City, I spent countless weekends at those dunes.

Miss you!

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