Blame Canada

25 04 2008

Toronto, ON

We really have to stop traveling in the middle of spring. Pretty much every place we visit has great weather, so each city presents itself like a child on its best behavior and we are the suckers thinking that its adorable and cute and that we want one; completely ignorant to the fact that ninety percent of the time it’s crying, screaming, pooping, and demanding food. I know that Toronto can be ridiculously hot during the summer and freezer cold during the winter. I mean they even have an underground mall running throughout the downtown so that people can get from place to place without going outside. The valet told us that this winter got down to -20 degrees and this is Canada, so that has to be celcius. But unfortunately it’s a perfect 70 degrees right now and the city is beyond charming. The buildings are this crazy mix of old school architecture (gothic, victorian, roman, etc) planted right next to brand new, shiny glass sky scrapers. Forty percent of the population is from another country so they have tons of international districts like Chinatown, Greektown, and Little India. You could be walking through Chinatown and then take a right hand turn and your faced with some sort of crazy punk district hocking vintage wear.

Vintage Clothing Toronto Funky Door

And it seems like the whole city is an eco-hippy’s dream come true. They have recycling bins on pretty much every street corner. Heck we have a recycling bin in our hotel room. Almost every light we’ve seen is a compact fluorescent. Farmer’s markets are in every district. It’s like a constant Earth Day. In fact we stumbled across this amazing restaurant in the University district called Rice Bar. Everything was organic and free range. Even the to-go containers were made of compostable sugar cane. I felt so ethical after eating there that I had to kick an old lady just to put some balance in the world.

The prices for everything seems to be the same as American prices, but the city is just like NYC so it’s got a lot of options in terms of where to eat, where to live, and where to shop. Although if I lived in the city I certainly would forgo a car. Parking at our hotel is $25 per day and that’s pretty standard. Best to leave the car behind and just use some of the plentiful public transportation (minus taxis which are really pricey). Overall this was an awesome city that we would love to come back to again. Maybe even live here once global warming advances a bit further:)

Lake Ontario

For more pictures from Toronto, click here.




One response

25 04 2008
C. Fraser

Glad you enjoyed your visit to T.O. It’s a good city even with the temperature extremes. Good food. Good entertainment options. Interesting places to explore. There are also some very ugly parts to the city, but then again what city of its size doesn’t have undesirable areas.

I have to admit I’m envious of your idea and experience – what an amazing, and scary thing you are doing. I’d love to do the same thing, so perhaps I’ll get some tips from your site.

Good luck to you.

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