28 04 2008

Somerville & Whitinsville, MA

There’s nothing like a chill weekend with friends and family after 3 weeks of constant travel and both of us coming down with yucky colds. We spent Saturday night with Dana and Amy, Gage’s cousins (which I guess would now make them my cousins). It was so fun having good conversation, with great company, over good food. Dana and Amy are both so funny and smart that we could have been eating ramen and had a good time, but instead they took us to Jose’s in Cambridge. Carolyn had prepared an awesome list of Boston eateries for us, but we arrived with little time and even less energy, so luckily Dana and Amy had it all planned out. Now Dana assured me that it was good Mexican food, but being a veteran of the northeastern region of the USA, I was skeptical to say the least. The northeast is known for good Italian, but it seems to have missed the message on good Mexican. Well, Dana, I will never doubt you again. Which is why I knew that breakfast would be rocking as well. We went to Cambridge’s B-Side where I received slices of French toast thicker than my wrist topped with enough fruit to fill the Chiquita Banana girl’s hat. This may seem only slightly exciting to you but the previous night we ate just-add-water soup cups and for breakfast we had just-add-water soup cups. Hence the meal play-by-play. More important than our gastronomy, though, was seeing Amy preggers and looking great. Considering how cool both of them are, the kid should turn out pretty awesome (or Dana may try to return him/her to the hospital). Thanks to both of you for putting up with us and putting us up.

Dana and Amy

After breakfast we headed down to Connecticut, but stopped by Whitinsville along the way to visit my old college buddy, Manda. The last time I saw Manda she had just given birth to this adorable little baby, Max, and now that adorable little baby was posing for pictures and using Gage and Chris as human jungle gyms. It’s amazing how fast they grown up while I stay the same age.

Amanda, Chris and Max Gage and Max

Tonight we repose in Danbury, CT where we’ll spend a few days chilling with Dad and tying up loose ends before heading to NYC. Since we’re selling the car in CT and taking the train into NYC I believe this brings our road trip to an official close. Soon we will not only be jobless and homeless, but we won’t even have transportation. Thank goodness we’re married because with stats like that we definitely wouldn’t be able to get a date.




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28 04 2008

mexican food on your one night in Boston!!! oh the blasphemy! i hope you proceeded directly to an irish pub to chase those tacos down with a wicked good glass of Guiness.

sorry you guys didn’t have more time in Boston to see all its glory and tastiness! funny… i must have overlapped you by a day, i just flew back from Massachusetts last night.

speaking of which… i watched some Travel Channel cooking show on the plane and they visited Chaing Mai, Thailand. if what they showed on TV was true you guys are going to wish you filled up on some good North End pasta and meatballs… they eat Bug Salad and fried bats and sausage made from intestinal meat there! And they cook the bats whole so their creepy little faces with teeth still show while you eat them…. ahhhhhh!

check it out:

miss you both! travel safe… and let me know if you end up trying the bug salad at some point.

29 04 2008

I can’t believe your french toast got a mention and Gage’s sweet potato biscuit was totally ignored! 😛

Great having you guys here…

30 04 2008

Love the closer on this one. =)

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