Every Day is a Lazy Sunday

4 05 2008

Danbury, CT

After weeks of constant travel, words cannot describe how nice it was to just sit around for a while. Gage and I spent last week with my Dad in Connecticut where having a good time meant eating large amounts of good food and watching movies. Every now and then I talk to an old friend from CT who asks me when I’m coming back home and I always say that I have no intentions of going back home. I mean why vacation in a place when you’ve spent more than a decade? Well, it turns out that is exactly why a person goes home. Because you’ve spent so much of your life there, there is no need to see or do anything and therefore one can revel in the fine art of doing absolutely nothing. And that’s exactly what we did, in a abundance.

Remember what I said last time about how hard it is to eat good food on the road? Well eating breakfast at Dad’s place is like spending the majority of your life in communist Russia where you waited all day in line for a loaf of bread, and then walking into an American grocery store and see stacks of 18 different kinds of bread. Of course the major benefit to having so little is that it’s just thrilling to have anything more. My meals may be few and far between, but I think that everything tastes even better because of that.

Of course pictures of people watching movies and eating good food don’t inspire much awe, so we gave the camera a rest while we relaxed at his place. However, we did venture outside of the home for one whole day, though, to take a trip up to Kent, CT, a family favorite destination. We walked around the historic downtown, visited the Morrison Gallery, grabbed some warm drinks, and drove up to Kent Falls so Gage could get his falling water fill.

Kent Falls

We also took Dad out to a belated birthday dinner at The White Peach, a Kent restaurant that uses local, organic produce. Once again, a spectacular meal made even better by our waitress. In keeping with my never-ending quest to order food that I can’t get anywhere else, I ordered the Bermuda Fish Chowder. I pleased to see that this dish comes with a mini pot of rum that you mix into the soup to suit your tastes. The Bermudians really can teach us land lubbers a thing or two about condiments.

The White Peach

After selling our last major possession to CarMax in East Haven, CT, Dad dropped us off at the train station to head down to Brooklyn, NY to spend the week with my best friend, Katie Burns. Among the many plans we have here is to ship Gage’s laptop off to it’s new home with our friend Taylor. Since that will be happening in the next couple of days I encourage everyone to subscribe to our blog if you haven’t already, because the updates will probably get less frequent as our internet access gets less available. Thanks Dad for the relaxation, advice, and great conversation. I promise to post some good shots from NYC soon.

For more pictures from Connecticut, click here.




3 responses

4 05 2008

You should have come to Deerfield to visit your second family and the piglet!!! Have fun in Brooklyn.

5 05 2008

Oh no! You’re right. Give my apologies to Piglet and my regards to your dad & Paul. Sorry I missed you all.

6 05 2008
Garrett Bryant

wow… you’re getting one step closer to spiritual enlightenment and silence… I don’t know what my ears will do to fill the void left by your blogging… i may have to take up xylophone…

glad to hear you are working on your sloth technique though… whenever you return stateside post worldwide travellings we should call K.Mikola, get together, and have a day of sloth.

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