12 05 2008

Brooklyn, NY

Well this post was a long time coming, but like I said before, lack of internet makes things a bit more tricky. But my time away from this lovely blinky screen has not diminished my memory of an awesome week with my best friend Katie Burns in Brooklyn, NY. Actually I don’t remember that Katie girl much, but I do remember bagels. Lots of bagels.

Honestly, I probably spent about half of the time there eating bagels from Bergen Bagels, so the above statement is only a slight exaggeration. I could wax rhapsodic about the virtues of Brooklyn bagels, but I’ll save it for when I start a restaurant review blog. First I want to say thanks to Katie for putting us up in her place for a week. We had an awesome time meeting all of her friends and eating a lot of very good New York chow. She and Gage also had plenty of time to bond in the only way that Gage knows how.

KTB & Gage

We arrived late on Friday night and luckily got a good night’s sleep. I think that was the last full nights sleep we had. The next night we had an AWESOME lasagna dinner at Sarah Levine’s place as well as a couple bottles of wine. I have to say that Katie has the coolest group of friends. We ended up at a little bar in Alphabet City where we enjoyed some great drinks and conversation.

Pratt Girls

Since we had already been to NYC a few times we didn’t need to do much touring around. We did, however tour the Pratt Institute campus where Katie goes to school. If you ever get over to Brooklyn, you have to check out this campus. Not only does it have a rocking sculpture garden surrounded by funky old warehouse buildings, but they have cats. No joke! They call them Pratt Cats and they’re all over the campus. Check out the cat door that was built into one of the buildings.

Big Pratt Cat

Now, talking about Brooklyn without mentioning pizza is like talking about Catholicism without mentioning guilt. So I have to report on the rocking Brooklyn pie that Katie introduced us to from Luigi Pizzeria. Thin, cheesy, delicious, and cheap, like a B-movie staring Paris Hilton. Thanks Katie and all of her Pratt ladies for the great times and great conversation.

For more pictures from New York, click here.




2 responses

13 05 2008

Hey can you two have a little less fun your making me jealous lol kidding. Hope everything is going well seems like it.

22 05 2008

You guys are having way too much fun, LOL! The “kitty” door is frickin’ awesome. I wish that it wasn’t so boring out here, maybe you guys would swing back through for a visit. I want more pancakes!!!

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