The Gingerino Challenge

28 07 2008

2 Months Growth!

Those of you who know me well have most likely noticed the Raggedy Andy mop that’s growing on top of my head. I normally like to keep my hair relatively short and after a month of growing I’m typically in serious need of a good grooming. Somewhere toward the end of Romania I started complaining about my long and annoying hair and by the time we got to Slovakia Jen was sick and tired of hearing it. This normally meant she would break down, bust out the clippers, and go to work containing the fire spreading above my eyebrows.

This time was different. She threw down the gauntlet and handed me her challenge. If I can go six months without a haircut, she’ll let me eat all the pickles I want for a month (she hates pickle breath). If I crack and find the nearest pair of scissors before that time, I have to buy her all the belgian chocolate she wants for a month – and that’s not cheap. The deal was made. The date has been set. The challenge has started.

My last haircut was carefully done by my Mother-in-law in San Francisco around the end of May. So, if I can make it into the month of December without harming a hair on my head, I win. Check back for updates on my “Gingerino” progress and wish me luck!




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28 07 2008

I know I’m repeating myself, but you two were most definitely made for each other. It’s a wonderful (and sometimes a bit strange) thing.

29 07 2008


29 07 2008


29 07 2008

hi gage and jen- just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy reading about your many adventures! our favorites so far have been the pictures of the mountains in slovakia, seeing the differences in architecture across europe, the culinary mysteries, and the occasional lebowski reference. 🙂 oh, and trying to go to the dentist in another country and huge bottles of beer at the grocery store. more power to you two- this will be a great source of memories for years to come. happy trails! 🙂 (cousin) chandra and (husband) mark

1 08 2008

It’s all coming together now….

1 08 2008

Great to hear that you guys are doing so well! I actually like the hair.

12 08 2008

The picture makes you look like a cartoon character. Delightful!

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