Country Bumpkins

7 09 2008

Ludwichowo, Poland

Our last trip was a weekend getaway to the forested area of Bory Tucholskie with Monika and her friend Alexandra. They had rented a house for the weekend and invited us along when they found out that it had bedrooms for up to 8 people. When we finally arrived we were astonished. The house was decked out with a full modern kitchen, a dining room table for 8, a central fireplace, a bathroom suite complete with a gigantic tub, and a master bedroom with a porch that opened to the backyard. Outside was a side porch with a ping pong table, charcoal grill, bordered by a volleyball court, and basketball hoop. The back porch gave us gorgeous views of the forest as well as views of the nieghboring horse and cows. I think the cherry on top, though, was the campfire area complete with log and rock seating. And this paradise was all ours for the price of 30 zloty ($15) per person per night.

The first day the girls went off for a five hour bike ride while Gage and I confirmed our prodigous skills at the ping pong table as well as at frisbee, reading and napping. Our girls returned triumphantly with kielbasa which we roasted over the fire that night. The next day Gage and I took our turn on the bikes and discovered that the northern part of Poland used to be under water. This was discovered when our bikes hit gigantic patches of sand and launched Gage from his bike. This is the reason you don’t find a lot of bike riding on beaches. We also attempted to pick some wild mushrooms, which are dearly loved by the Polish. We found huge, colorful mushrooms that spread as far as the eye could see and happily picked the prettiest we could find. After three hours or butt burning forest touring, we headed back home, where Monika and Alexandra told us between gasps of laughter that we had managed to pick the most poisinous mushrooms around and then suggested we go and wash our hands. Oops. Once we had attempted to eat every ounce of food in the house so as to ‘lighten our load’ we packed up and rolled home to Torun, where Monika went back to work and we went back to frisbee, reading, and napping. Life is rough.

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One response

8 09 2008


What does a dog do on its day off? It can’t sleep. That’s its job!

You two are the “poster children” for the good-life. Keep up the good work.

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