Gingerino :: 3 Months Update

9 09 2008

Oooh the gingery goodness just keeps growing. I’ve successfully grown my shag for three months at the time of this photo and I have 3 months left to go in the Challenge. The funny thing is that I’ve recently seen some photos of myself from 3 months ago (added below) and the difference is actually quite shocking, I barely even recognized myself. In fact, it probably wasn’t me…

Like, zoinks Scooby!

Who is this guy?




4 responses

10 09 2008

You mean my daughter actually married a longhaired hippie?

Thank goodness!

10 09 2008

I very much enjoy your new longer hair. I think it looks very nice on you. Perhaps you will consider keeping it until December 2009. Would you get to eat pickles for life if you lasted that long?

10 09 2008

Gage the hair looks great and you should keep some of it when you cut off some of us out there might be able find a use for it. (toupee)

15 09 2008

I’d do you.

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