Playing Host

11 09 2008

Torun, Poland

Probably the only thing more fun than Couchsurfing at someone else’s home, is hosting a Couchsurfer in someone else’s home. You suddenly go from being the helpless tourist who always turns to their native speaking friend for help/interpretation, to being the one who is turned to. You can wander around the town and point out all of the things that enchanted you when you first arrived, reliving the feeling through another person. The first time we had this experience was with Roberto, from Northern Italy. Coming from Warsaw for a business conference, he stopped in to check out Torun for the day, and Monika volunteered us as his willing tour guides. Gage and I never cease to be amazed with how much we get along with fellow travelers. It makes sense though. There’s a certain type of person who wants to Couchsurf, and when they meet fellow Couchsurfers that personality trait means that they already have something in common. So needless to say it was easy to enjoy Roberto’s company. Of course, the fact that he appreciates good food and drink, dark chocolate, and The Big Lebowski also weighed heavily in his favor.

We got to play host again when Avan, from Australia, came into town. I have to profess a certain love for Australians. There’s something about their laid-back yet outgoing, friendly nature that makes Gage and I get on with them instantly. So when Monika said that she had volunteered us as guides for this Australian guy, we were pumped. Avan was another shining example of how great Australians are. We spent the day touring Old Town, wandering around the Teutonic ruins, showing off the architecture, and enjoying Kopernik gingerbread by the riverside. At night Monika took us to the Fort IV, which her friend manages. The Fort VI is an huge, old military base built into the side of a hill and filled with all sorts of passageways, dark tunnels, and the occasional hoard of bats. The best part is, that if you go there after sun down, you can purchase some torches (don’t forget to bring a lighter) and run around in that crazy maze of tunnels. The four of us had a blast running around in the dark, looking for hidden passages and trying to make it back to the office in time before our last torch burned out completely.

Suggestions for Torun:

– The Fort IV in also a hostel, so if you want to spend the night is some place truly unique, this would fit the bill. It can also be rented out for parties and conferences. The Fort is a bit outside of the city center, but is definitely worth the visit.




One response

12 09 2008

I’m truly lovin’ the fact that you now have your own computer! Regular updates. Yippee!!! We’re enjoying some unusual weather here in Colorado – it’s been raining (a nice gentle rain) since last night.
Miss you – stay safe – and keep those posts a comin’! đŸ™‚
Love, Kathy

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