Gingerino Update :: 4-1/2 Months

19 10 2008

At the time of this post, my bangs are half way down my nose and I still have a month and half left until the end of the challenge. And as you can guess my hair has gone through many different stages as it grows out, like my Beatles-do in Warsaw, and my Shaggy-do in Cyprus. The problem is that under the rules of the challenge, I cannot trim one hair on my head until December which makes it impossible to get my mop shaped into anything I would call flattering. My current style goes back and forth between what I call my Christian Slater look (while my hair is drying), to my laid-back look after the elements have had their way.

Ignore the beautiful girl to my right (your left) and admire my hair.

So far, Jen hasn’t had to wrestle scissors out of my hands while I’m crying about wanting to beautiful again but, it hasn’t exactly been easy not having control over my hair – especially since I have no control of the clothes I wear while we’re traveling either. Hopefully this will end up in a meaningful lesson on not worrying so much about my outward appearance and concentrating more on who I am inside (yeah right… hehe).




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