Budget Wise :: Cambodia

13 01 2009

Cambodia was a bit more confusing than our other destinations when it came to traveling on a budget. A year or two ago, I’m not certain of the exact date, the Khmer people suffered a massive inflation due to rising gas prices. Unfortunately for them (and the tourists) the cost of living didn’t fall back down with the gas prices. Now what looks like, feels like, and should be a very budget friendly country is surprisingly not as friendly as it once was. This doesn’t mean that Cambodia is charging European prices, but it was actually more expensive than it’s more developed neighbor Thailand. Read the rest of this entry »


Intro to Cambodia: Battambang

17 12 2008

Battambang, Cambodia

So after all of the fun at the border, Gage and I were pretty excited to get to our hotel in Battambang. We had chosen to stay in Battambang because our guidebook had said that despite being Cambodia’s second largest city, it was really laid back. They were 100% correct. This place is more like a sleepy town than a second city. Once we were able to see past the ever-present dust clouds, we were greeted with two story buildings with faded pastel paint and quaint French balconies. Quite a change from the ramshackle buildings of Thailand. Read the rest of this entry »