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Once upon a time there lived a boy named Gage and his fiance Jen. They lived in Charlotte, NC where Gage was a graphic designer for a rocking company and Jen was a guest services manager for an adult playground. One day Jen was researching vacations and came across a book on Thailand. She thought, wow, I would love to go to Thailand. A few days of research later and go to Thailand became live in Thailand. So she told Gage her idea and Gage thought she was crazy. Turns out Gage was right, but they decided to do it anyway. So they sold their condo, quit their jobs and left Charlotte, NC to get married and go off on a crazy trip. What started as a vacation to one country has turned into a desire to visit as much of the world as possible for as long as possible. Their goal is to immerse themselves in the cultures that surround them and to become more global citizens in the process.

Jen & Gage


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11 04 2008
shannon bone

I love the site. I have tuned in several times today and enjoy the updates. But what happened to the picture and the comments? Tell Elvis- hello.

12 04 2008

Just click on Read More…
I only put the first paragraph of the older posts on the front page in order to save space. Thanks for visiting and happy reading!

13 04 2008
carolyn colonna

hello! ok… i think i am technically retarded because i cannot figure out how to leave a comment on any page that doesn’t already have a comment i can reply to… please help :o)

congrats on the wedding… Mr. and Mrs. Switchell!

miss you guys.

13 04 2008

No, you’re not, I just forgot to turn on the comments for the last blog entry. My bad. Thanks for letting me know:)

14 04 2008
carolyn colonna

yay! i am not technically retarded afterall… phew.

hope you guys are enjoying marital bliss!!!

14 04 2008

boooyah! i am SO not technically retarded that i just figured out how to get a username and photo for this freakin thing!

now you’ll never be able to shut me up.

6 03 2009

I came across your blog through the lonelyplanet site and all I can say i WOW! Talk about inspiration! I am actually heading to Cambodia the end of March (mostly Phnom Penh) for just over a month. Seeing as you have pretty much scoured the area, do you have any suggestions for weekend trips? I will be working on various projects with an organization then during the week, but will have several days and the weekends reserved for whatever I might want to do. Any suggestions? LOVE the blog by the way!

Best of luck in your travels!


14 03 2009
Matt Sutton

Hi, I enjoyed your comments very much. I’m going to be backpacking in Loas, Cambodia and Thailand next fall. Can you tell me please if it’s easy to find an Internet cafe? I’m sure there are many in the capital cities, but what about other cities? What’s the average cost per hour (in US $)? And lastly, what about WiFi in all the major (and minor) towns (not villages obviously)? Thanks so much, and I’ll be going back and rereading everything on your site! 🙂

16 03 2009

Thanks for reading our blog. An internet cafe will be easy to find everywhere with the exception of small towns in Laos. All of the cities we visited in Laos (Savannakhet, Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang) had tons of internet cafes, but I know some of the village/towns in the mountains did not have them. We brought an EEEpc computer with us and had several opportunities to use wifi connections. I get a lot of emails from friends, so often I would copy a bunch of emails, respond to them in my hotel room, then upload the responses when I had a connection again. The average cost in all Southeast Asia is about $1 per hour or less. So, if you don’t feel like bringing a laptop with you, you won’t lose a bunch of money on internet access. If you do bring a laptop, though, bring a small zip drive as well. That way, if you can’t use wifi, you can copy info that you want to keep and paste it into a document on your computer. Also, some wifi connections are very slow, so it’s best to upload pictures from an internet cafe. Laptop or no, you’ll be able to get connected. Happy Travels!

17 05 2009

great site, tonnes of good info.


21 10 2009

Hi – great story! I am looking forward to reading more about your travels – I envy that you took the plunge to leave your jobs, I am hoping to do something similar someday myself.

10 01 2010

Thanks for the Great Journey… How lucky you are and brave! My daughter would love to do this trip.

11 06 2010
Adam Warner

Your blog is a great resource for travel budgeting(someone i severely lack in my travels.)
Could i possibly pick your brain via email with help in setting up a big outline budget for my giant undertaking?
Please email me at fortheloveofmeghan@gmail.com
Thanks! – Adam
Keep up the good work

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