The Stewtchells

Gage and I were married on April 14th, 2008 in Eureka Springs, AR. It was wonderful, beautiful and everything we wanted it to be. Even though it was just the two of us, most of you can probably guess how it went down. Me being silly, Gage mumbling sarcastic barbs as I read my vows, and both of us eating more wedding cake than any human being should be willing or wanting to. The only thing that seemed to be missing was a big after-party with friends and family. We may just have to take care of that at a later date….

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16 04 2008

Congratulations to the happy couple! You both look great! Good luck on all of your future adventures. We love you and wish you a happy marriage. 🙂
Lacie and Jake

16 04 2008

Oh, P.S.
Is your name really Stewtchell now?

16 04 2008

Jen you look so beautiful, way to go you two!! Gage you are still an ugly mofo lol jk, but I still love you. Who would of thought you married I still remember the stubborn Gage would told me he would never get married before the age of 30. Way to settle him down Jen, you two are perfect for each other. I hope you two have a great trip around the world, I am still jealous of you two doing this, but very excited for the both of you. Have fun and be safe guys.


P. S.
Gage we have to get our brewery started one day lol.

16 04 2008
brooke and seth

Congrats to the newlyweds. You both looks great …thanks for sharing the aweome video!!! We love you and wish you the best in all your adventures!!

Seth, Brooke and Suki

16 04 2008

Congratulations!!!!!! You guys look great and happy. Have fun while you’re out of the race.


17 04 2008
Christine "Aunt"

Hey Gage and Jen,
Congratulations on your wedding! It was great to look at the photos and read the stories. What an awesome adventure. You’ve got me inspired to sell all and go live our dream of living on board a sailboat. We’ve considered it but you two had the spirit to make it happen.

Aunt Christine

17 04 2008

Congratulations to you both! Jen, you look so beautiful and Gage is quite the stud! Thank you so much for sharing your video. Good luck to you both and be safe on your trip. We love you!

Meredith and Andrew

17 04 2008

Jen, my darling daughter, you are really just the epitome of the beautiful bride.

Gage, you clean up pretty good too.

You are indeed a great looking couple; but much more than that, you’re terrific individuals and you truly belong together.

May it always be so.



17 04 2008
Gage dad

What a beautiful and creative wedding and upcoming adventure! I’m so glad you have each other to share it all with and am so happy for both of you. Merely thinking about the different worlds you’ll encounter and incorporate into each and both of you is way exciting, especially to those of us who are more rooted creatures, so thanks for taking us along at least this far via the blog. Wherever you end up at any given time, you know you always have a solid base of fans and supporters back in these parts – people who love you bunches!

Gage, you’re an incredible and talented man who makes people proud that don’t even know you, so just imagine how proud I am of you. Keep following your heart and your instincts.

Jen, it’s great to have you decorating our lives, and – not to put any pressure on – I can’t believe that you won’t make Gage help you write (and illustrate) a book about your adventures, as talented and witty a writer as you are, as great and sensitive a graphical artist as Gage is, and as much as we’ll want to know about your experiences.

Good luck to both of you, and don’t leave us too long without word!

Gage dad, Jen fan, and buffest uncle,

18 04 2008

Congrats you two. It seems as if it was just yesterday that you guys met and look at you now. Jen Im glad that you are in most of the pictures to make Gage look good! Gage stay out of trouble, and Jen I know that you will make sure of this. When you get back some time we will have to make a trip up to the mountains and play some paintball (right Ron!). Just this time Gage you need to play with guns and not Roman Candles. Scott didn’t like that too much. Enjoy all of your travels and learn how to cook some good food, Gage. I will miss you guys.

Maybe a little love,

18 04 2008
Emily Weakland

Hey Gage, this is your little cousin Emily speaking on behalf of my family (Matt, Mason, and Quinn). We’re so happy for you guys. Way to live your dreams fearlessly. I’m so happy you two have found your own path to travel on together… may it be a long, exciting and unexpected one. Tons of hugs and kisses to your both, especially some slobbery ones from Mason

25 07 2009
Jeff Rogue

Hey you two…not sure if you are reading this site, but I have been hunting for you!!! And thanks to the wonderful internet I have found you. Please email me at, I’d love to catch up and see how you two are doing.

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