Funny Schtuff

If you open a wedding store in Bangkok, know your market.

I know they like to say that you can buy anything at a Thai Market, but this is getting excessive.

I didn’t know Ronald McDonald was Thai!

Emergency toilets at the Siam Center in Bangkok.

In Cyprus we learned that they don’t have a Greek word for Blinds.

Beer cart girl in training.

Not quite sure what they’re selling here…

Note that couples and men in wrestling uniforms are not allowed.

Beware of men with small heads and little girls with gigantic lollipops in crosswalk.

Redefining the ‘pet rock’….

OK, this is just ridiculous.

The Romanians have a very different version of working out.

Gym Club Relax

This doesn’t really need an explanation, does it?

Gute Fahrt

They like their strippers big in Sighisoara.

xxl nightclub

And here we have Eureka’s oldest bath house, the phallus, uh, I mean, Palace Hotel.

Phallic Sign

For your next adults-only BBQ…

Butt Rub

Eureka Springs: Redefining Jesus freak, one car at a time.

Jesus Freak Ride

Why did the Arkansas frog cross the road? To get away from the guy who likes frog legs. As you can see he didn’t quite make it.

Roadfood in Arkansas

Memphis is famous the world over for Graceland, Beale Street and of course, Bur.

Memphis Gourmet

They take the term ‘sidewalk’ very seriously in Nashville…

Keep it moving

People who visit TN like to smoke. They also like to smoke chicken. Literally.

Ciggies and Chickies


2 responses

18 04 2008
Gage dad

OK, so what’s bur – beer, or something that moves so they eat it?

11 08 2008

I think this schtuff is hilarious. Especially the crosswalk and hotdogs. Nice work!

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