Good Morning America

22 03 2009

Bangkok, Thailand

You know that you’re back on Khaosan Road when you are walking down the street at 1am and you see a mom with her little kid in a stroller, standing amongst the prostitutes and drunken teenagers. Read the rest of this entry »


San Francisco Treat

21 05 2008

San Francisco, CA

Oh and what a treat it has been. Nothing to make you forget all of your plans for world domination like a little mommy pampering. Gage and I have spent the last week and a half lounging around in San Francisco and being fed as though we were in trained for an eating competition. Obviously we’ve been here a while so I can’t give you a play by play, but I do have to give you the highlights; the majority it of which are, of course, food related. Read the rest of this entry »