Good Morning America

22 03 2009

Bangkok, Thailand

You know that you’re back on Khaosan Road when you are walking down the street at 1am and you see a mom with her little kid in a stroller, standing amongst the prostitutes and drunken teenagers. Read the rest of this entry »


San Francisco Treat

21 05 2008

San Francisco, CA

Oh and what a treat it has been. Nothing to make you forget all of your plans for world domination like a little mommy pampering. Gage and I have spent the last week and a half lounging around in San Francisco and being fed as though we were in trained for an eating competition. Obviously we’ve been here a while so I can’t give you a play by play, but I do have to give you the highlights; the majority it of which are, of course, food related. Read the rest of this entry »


12 05 2008

Brooklyn, NY

Well this post was a long time coming, but like I said before, lack of internet makes things a bit more tricky. But my time away from this lovely blinky screen has not diminished my memory of an awesome week with my best friend Katie Burns in Brooklyn, NY. Actually I don’t remember that Katie girl much, but I do remember bagels. Lots of bagels. Read the rest of this entry »

Every Day is a Lazy Sunday

4 05 2008

Danbury, CT

After weeks of constant travel, words cannot describe how nice it was to just sit around for a while. Gage and I spent last week with my Dad in Connecticut where having a good time meant eating large amounts of good food and watching movies. Every now and then I talk to an old friend from CT who asks me when I’m coming back home and I always say that I have no intentions of going back home. I mean why vacation in a place when you’ve spent more than a decade? Well, it turns out that is exactly why a person goes home. Because you’ve spent so much of your life there, there is no need to see or do anything and therefore one can revel in the fine art of doing absolutely nothing. And that’s exactly what we did, in a abundance. Read the rest of this entry »


28 04 2008

Somerville & Whitinsville, MA

There’s nothing like a chill weekend with friends and family after 3 weeks of constant travel and both of us coming down with yucky colds. We spent Saturday night with Dana and Amy, Gage’s cousins (which I guess would now make them my cousins). It was so fun having good conversation, with great company, over good food. Dana and Amy are both so funny and smart that we could have been eating ramen and had a good time, but instead they took us to Jose’s in Cambridge. Carolyn had prepared an awesome list of Boston eateries for us, but we arrived with little time and even less energy, so luckily Dana and Amy had it all planned out. Now Dana assured me that it was good Mexican food, but being a veteran of the northeastern region of the USA, I was skeptical to say the least. The northeast is known for good Italian, but it seems to have missed the message on good Mexican. Well, Dana, I will never doubt you again. Which is why I knew that breakfast would be rocking as well. We went to Cambridge’s B-Side where I received slices of French toast thicker than my wrist topped with enough fruit to fill the Chiquita Banana girl’s hat. This may seem only slightly exciting to you but the previous night we ate just-add-water soup cups and for breakfast we had just-add-water soup cups. Hence the meal play-by-play. More important than our gastronomy, though, was seeing Amy preggers and looking great. Considering how cool both of them are, the kid should turn out pretty awesome (or Dana may try to return him/her to the hospital). Thanks to both of you for putting up with us and putting us up. Read the rest of this entry »

Notes on Niagara

25 04 2008

Syracuse, NY

Today we left Toronto and headed over to Syracuse, NY on our way to Boston. Along the way we did our touristic duty and visited Niagara Falls. I believe my grandparents either wedded or honeymooned there so I considered it a matter of tradition as well. Here are my thoughts and tips on Niagara. Read the rest of this entry »

Traversing Michigan

24 04 2008

Traverse City, MI

This morning we left Traverse City after three days and two nights with my brother Jeff and his fiance, Tate. I have to say that Traverse City was a surprise. Michigan has such a stereotype as being a sort of industrial Detroit-esque state that it shocked me to see how beautiful it could be. Picturesque lakes with crystal blue water, bordered by wineries and an adorable historic downtown. Doesn’t get much more idyllic. Of course we did arrive only two weeks after all of the snow had melted away, so that helped. In fact the weather was perfect. Read the rest of this entry »